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What is a Memory Box?

🗂 A Memory Box is an organized filing solution to contain and store your child’s keepsakes. Instead of letting the papers and artwork pile up in drawers, closets, and on desks, you can easily sort and store them in a safe and organized place.

Why use a Memory Box?

🗂 It serves as a guide and measuring tool to only keep the really precious memories. If you just throw things in a drawer or closet, you have no idea how much you actually have. Using this filing system, you know you only have so much space for their school/sports memories. Consider what your children will really want when they get older. It may be hard when they’re young because they want to keep everything, but this is a great way to show them the value of “space planning”.


Who are the Memory Boxes for?

🗂 Anyone! Anyone that has keepsakes and memories that they want to hold on to can benefit from a Memory Box. Consider purchasing one for yourself, spouse, and children. They are also great for keepsakes of loved ones who have passed on.


What are the options?

🗂 You can choose from a variety of colors and fonts to customize the box for your child.

🗂 Standard files are Baby, Preschool, K-12th grade, but if you have any specific files you would like to add, we would be happy to do so.

Why are the file tabs all on one side?

🗂 Pro Tip: Because it’s so much easier to find the file you want! When the tabs are in a straight line your eyes only have to look front to back along that line. If the tabs are staggered, you have to scan from side to side and once these files start to fill up it becomes difficult to spot what you’re looking for.

What do you store in it?

🗂 Baby books

🗂 Artwork from school/daycare

🗂 Journals

🗂 Memorable school projects

🗂 Report cards

🗂 Yearbooks

🗂 School & class photos

🗂 Sports photos

🗂 Dance photos

🗂 Achievements & Certificates

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